Live analogic.
Think digital.

We don’t have clients, we have partners. We share opinions, objectives. Because in the end, we all win. We’re data driven, our actions are guided by the results and the pursuit for it happens minute by minute. You see, it couldn’t be any other way. We’re Greenz. Digital, analog, current.

Media Strategy

More than speed, it’s about direction. This has never been so true. A well mapped route will definitely drive us further.

Social Performance

Relevance and engagement. Seems simple. And it is.

Performance / BI

Leads, CTA, CTR, CPC, ROI, CPM, CAC, conversion rate. There are plenty of fish in the funnel. Let’s catch them.

Vídeo / Motion

Videos that perform in digital media better than Lady Gaga at the Oscars.


The famous WHO?! Outstanding people unknown by you, by me, by us. They leverage your business and boost our numbers. We love it!


Customer Relationship Management. Simply put: Get to know your customer better and increase your sales. Believe it, it’s way less expensive than searching for new clients.

Who believes in us


Nós estamos 100% em home office. Fique em casa!